Philosophy (or lack thereof)

Before we considered what, if anything, should be on this page of our website, we visited the websites of every design and branding firm we consider to be our actual competitors and read each of their PHILOSOPHY or ABOUT US or WHAT WE BELIEVE sections. YIKES. How do you wade through all that hyperbole and jargon? Do you even read it? If you do, do you believe any of it?

Statistically, we know that proprietary processes work – for the firms that peddle them more than the clients who hire those firms. That’s why some otherwise intelligent and sincere design firms feel compelled to invent some sort of BRANDED METHODOLOGY and why otherwise skeptical and sophisticated clients might be susceptible to them in the first place. They’re easier to sell in. There‘s less perceived risk.

But seriously. If we did have a TRADEMARKED PROPRIETARY PROCESS it would be called REBECCA COHEN and MARC COZZAbecause when you hire CO PROJECTS you get both of our brains, both of our aesthetics, both of our genders, both of our educations, any talents we may have, and all of our experience: one of us from the world of music, one from the world of fashion, both having done time at NIKE (okay, who in this town hasn’t?) and other design firms, and both having been shaped by the collective experience of working on the brands and projects featured in our portfolio. That will tell you a lot about us.

But what you won’t see when you look at our work is the path we traveled every single time we searched for some bold, iconic solution. You also won’t be able to directly observe how enjoyable and invigorating the process was for our clients and ourselves. You should talk with them and hear it from them first hand. You should talk with us and decide whether you even care. If any of this could be referred to as a UNIQUE METHODOLOGY, we‘ll let someone else coin it. WE HAVE WORK TO DO.